StopaStalker was developed by a team of security experts, criminologists, support groups and retired law enforcement professionals to assist victims in the gathering of evidence of stalking behaviour. Our goal is to provide a tool that will assist victims in the collection of information for submission to authorities.

The original idea for StopaStalker came from Mr Les Goldsmith, a security and risk management professional with experience in a number of stalking cases. His vision was a mobile application to help put the pieces of the puzzle together for victims. “Too many times I have heard of victims of stalking not knowing what acceptable evidence was and how to collect it. Our StopaStalker app puts power back in the hands of victims.”  – Les Goldsmith

Our team of experts interviewed stalking victims and support groups in determining what format the app should take. A number of law enforcement professionals contributed to the format the evidence is collected and what they would want to receive from victims. The overall result is a tool designed from the outset for the victim, to make the process of coming forward easier.

Don’t live as a victim, StopaStalker!

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